Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats 2020

As handy as fastpitch softball bats can be, they don’t always get the job done, which is exactly why we have our trusty slowpitch softball bats tucked away for such occasions.

Not any slowpitch softball bat, however, will do; as with all things in life, we must carefully vet our softball bats. From barrel size to length, a bat’s specs really can make all the difference in the world.

Of course, not everyone knows how to choose a nice softball bat just by looking at a few specs. Luckily for those of you who don’t, however, we’ve conducted a bit of research in order to find out which slowpitch softball bats have managed to wow softball players this year.

We’ve organized the bats by brand for your convenience. Have a look…


We highly doubt that you haven’t heard of DeMarini since this brand of bats gets a lot of attention.

A member of the Wilson Sporting Goods family, DeMarini was founded in 1989. It specializes in manufacturing baseball and softball bats and has a nice selection of fastpitch and slowpitch softball bats.

While this brand has multiple popular softball bats, we’ve managed to narrow their offerings down to two bats.

DeMarini Flipper OG

Our first choice from the DeMarini line of bats is the DeMarini Flipper OG. Like most of the bats featured on this list, the Flipper has received an overwhelming number of positive reviews.

Many reviewers are especially impressed by how good the bat’s “pop” is right “out of the wrapper.” Others claim that the bat “has more power than any ASA bat” they’ve ever used.

In any case, the general consensus is that this bat, which is balanced, 34 inches long, and weighs 27 ounces, is pretty powerful.

Not only has it received a ton of positive reviews, but, as briefly mentioned earlier, it has also been approved by the American Softball Association (ASA).

Despite all of the craze surrounding the bat, though, it will run you close to 200 dollars, and if you want the newly released version of the bat, you’ll end up paying closer to 300 bucks.

DeMarini Ultimate Weapon

The DeMarini Ultimate Weapon boasts a 6-millimeter grip and a 13-inch barrel. Like its cousin the Flipper, it has been approved by the ASA. Furthermore, it has also been approved by the National Softball Association (NSA), the Independent Softball Association (ISA), and the United States Speciality Sports Association (USSSA).

As far as DeMarini’s slowpitch softball bats go, however, this one does not receive as many positive reviews as, say, the Flipper; indeed, some reviewers have a few negative things to say about this one.

Still, this bat has its redeeming qualities, one of which is its availability in three different sizes (26 ounces, 28 ounces, and 30 ounces). This choice allows you to choose the weight which you can handle best. When selecting the weight that is right for you, just keep in mind that this bat is balanced.

Oh, and the bat will run you a little less than 150 dollars. Pair this up with one of our choices for the best softball glove, and you’re ready to hit the field knowing you’ll dominate!


Easton, or BRG Sports, is not some new kid on the block. The sporting goods company, which sells equipment and clothing, was launched in 1922, which means that it’s been in the game for almost 100 years now.

Similar to DeMarini, this company also specializes in baseball and softball bats.

Easton SP16BSUA Bomb Squad Dual Stamp

Yes, this bat has a name which no one is particularly fond of reciting. All jokes aside, though, the Easton SP16BSUA Bomb Squad Dual Stamp is highly regarded by those who have purchased it.

Reviewers routinely cite this bat’s power and “pop fresh out the wrapper” as its best characteristics. Its grip also gets a lot of praise. Still, there are others who claim that it takes a while to break in.

Furthermore, the Bomb Squad boasts a carbon handle which “eliminates vibration for better feel” and a long 13.5-inch barrel which provides “maximum power.”

It’s also pretty cheap, coming in at somewhere around 100 dollars, and is USSSA and ASA approved.

Regardless of what’s been said above, if you aren’t particularly strong, this bat might not be the one for you; the 34-inch bat comes in three sizes (26 ounces, 27 ounces, and 28 ounces), and it’s end loaded.

Not only is the bat somewhat heavy, but it also comes in two pieces. If you prefer your slowpitch softball bats to be in one piece, you may as well just give up on this one.

Easton Composite Brian Wegman

Unlike the other Easton option we’ve listed here, the Easton Composite Brian Wegman is not an ASA approved bat, but it is USSSA approved.

While it’s only available in one size (27 ounces), it boasts an “end-loaded barrel for maximum power,” a “single system composite design” which “increases bat control,” and a “carbon handle” that “improves feel and reduces vibration.”

No bat, however, is without its cons. Some reviewers report that the bat takes a while to break in while others complain about the size of the handle.

Further still, while the bat is certainly well-loved, it is one of the pricier slowpitch softball bats on this list. While older models cost a little over 100 dollars, the newest model rings up at 299.95 (i.e. over 300 dollars if you include tax).

Having said that, if your wallet can live with this bat, go for it.


Louisville is a member of the Wilson Sporting Goods family, though it wasn’t always a member of that family. The company it originally belonged to, Hillerich and Bradsby, sold it to Wilson a couple of years back.

As it turns out, that deal might just have been the best thing for Louisville since one of its bats made this list (and numerous others).

Louisville Slugger Z4

Apparently, not many of Louisville’s bats actually made the top of people’s lists, but the lists that had any Louisville bat at all definitely had the Louisville Slugger Z4 somewhere on them.

In truth, the Slugger’s success shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since Louisville, just like DeMarini, is a member of the Wilson Sporting Goods family.

The Slugger admittedly doesn’t boast as many fancy details as some of the other bats listed here, it does have a “pure 360 composite,” a “balanced swing weight,” and a 12-inch barrel.

Reviewers claim that this bat, like many of the others here, gets great results right out of the wrapper. One reviewer even claims that, because of this bat, his “exit speed increased dramatically” and that “the knuckle ball and curving action on the ball” were something to be impressed by.

The bat also comes in several sizes (26 ounces, 27 ounces, and 28 ounces) and is 34 inches long.

All in all, this bat is ideal for people who can’t quite get the swing of things with some of the heavier or end-loaded bats on this list.

How much will it run you? Well, the list price on Amazon is 320 dollars.


Miken Sports is definitely not as popular as some of the other vendors listed here, but, as you know, popularity does not determine quality.

Based in Caledonia, MN, Miken has a very gritty website that is pleasant to look at (we’re thinking it’s the models).

Oh, and they also have some killer bats.

Miken IZZY Psycho Supermax

With a name like “IZZY Psycho Supermax,” Miken’s IZZY Psycho Supermax is bound to be one of those slowpitch baseball bats that people can’t stop talking about.

Because, let’s be honest, no one is forgetting this bat’s name anytime soon.

Available in a whopping five sizes (25, 26, 27, 28, and 30 ounces), the Psycho Supermax is “engineered utilizing 100% premium aerospace grade fiber” in order to deliver “performance and durability.”

It is also created using high-pressure infusion, a process by which “ultra-tough epoxy” is injected “into the highest grade aerospace carbon and aramid fibers.” This high pressure apparently also enhances the performance and durability.

So what does any of this stuff actually mean?

Well, it pretty much means that Miken really wants to impress you, and they’ve succeeded; people who purchase this bat report that it has great pop right out of the wrapper, and they’re happy about the overall affordability of this one. Though the list price is 260 dollars, some people claim to have gotten it for around 150 bucks.

As an added bonus, the Psycho Supermax is also USSSA, NSA, and ISA approved.


Worth Sports, like Miken Sports, doesn’t have as big of a following as some of the other contenders, but it offers a variety of bats, softballs, and gear.

Worth Legit 220

We don’t like making bad puns (we actually do), but Worth’s slowpitch softball bats, specifically this 2016 Legit 220, are supposedly worth the 300 dollars you’ll have to spend.

The reviews are somewhat mixed; some people swear that the bat is hot right out of the wrapper while others think that it takes a little while to break in.

Regardless of the reviews, though, this bat’s specs include “100% carbon fiber in each barrel” which “provides an extremely lightweight and rigid material” that optimizes “swing weight and flex.”

If Slowpitch Softball Bats Aren’t Your Thing…

If slowpitch softball bats aren’t your style, you could always try one of our recommended fastpitch softball bats.

Regardless of which type of softball bat you prefer, however, just make sure that you get out and play some softball sometime in the near future. There are too many benefits to miss out on if you should choose not to.

That said, play on and keep looking for that perfect softball bat. We know you’ll find it.

Who knows? It might even be on this list.

The Best Softball Gloves of 2020

Which is the Best Softball Glove for 2020?

Are you looking for a new glove, but don’t know where to start?

There were some pretty great softball gloves that came out in 2019, but 2020’s delivered a bunch of awesome softball gloves into the industry as well.

Look no further than right here for the best softball gloves of the year. We put together a thorough guide to finding the right softball glove for your specific needs.

Are you ready to check out some seriously amazing softball gloves? Check out what we found!

Why Bother With A Good Softball Glove?

We get it– most softball players assume that all softball gloves are pretty much the same. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Whether you’re a fastpitch player or a slowpitch player, your softball gloves are going to be an important part of your game.

But choosing the right softball gloves for your specific needs is no easy thing. There are so many things to consider when it comes to softball, including your position, level, age, hand size, and more.

What To Look For In High-Quality Softball Gloves

You’re going to want the perfect fit first and foremost, but you should ask yourself these questions when deciding on softball gloves:

  1. Is this compatible for my right or left hand?
  2. Will this glove help me out in my position?
  3. Do I need a lot of glove web?
  4. Do I need a deep pocket?
  5. Do I need an open or closed back glove?

Don’t fall for rookie mistakes when shopping for a glove, either. A cheap glove isn’t a good glove, so expect to buy your first low-end glove that isn’t totally terrible for around $40-$50.

It’s also important to familiarize yourself with brands. Rawlings, Mizuno, and Nokona are the top dogs and have consistently released fabulous mid-range and high-end softball gloves that are worth every penny.

Does this seem a bit extra just to find great softball gloves? Not at all– your skill is important, but your equipment facilitates what you can do in the game. Investing in the best is important.

In that same vein, you shouldn’t neglect to find a really good bat, either.

Having an all-star softball glove but a mediocre bat just doesn’t work out. Make sure you’re looking for a high-quality softball bat from a reputable brand that’s specifically made for your individual batting needs.

The Best Softball Gloves

Strap in, because there’s quite a lot to choose from. We divided these up by the best for specific price ranges for your convenience.

The Best Softball Gloves For A Low Price. Why pay more for a beginner glove? These softball gloves are the best available for a low price.

Louisville Slugger Diva

Type: Youth

Web: Closed

Back: Closed

Size: 11 inches

The Louisville Slugger Diva is a great choice for infielders with a right-handed throw.

This glove features a soft pig leather palm that’s ready to be used immediately as well as an attractive one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Louisville Slugger Diva would be an ideal glove for beginner softball players, as it requires very little “break-in” time.

Wilson A360

Type: Slowpitch

Web: Closed

Back: Closed

Size: 14 inches

The Wilson A360 Series glove is a great slowpitch glove for an affordable price.

This right-handed and left-handed throw glove is great for all positions, features a split hinge web, and is quick to break in with minimal management. This glove’s fourteen-inch size would make it ideal for players with large hands.

Easton Youth Series

Type: Youth

Web: Closed

Back: Open

Size: 12 inches

The Easton Youth Fastpitch Series glove creates a larger pocket than most gloves, making it ideal for catching positions.

Available in both right handed and left handed throw positions, this twelve-inch glove is a great choice for younger players in the 9-12 year age range or older for players with smaller hands.

The breaking in period is minimal, the velcro adjustment strap on the back of the glove helps for adjusting size, and the unique color scheme of the glove makes it easy to spot on the field and in the dugout.

The Best Mid-Range Softball Gloves

For more advanced players that still want to stick to a budget, these mid-range softball gloves are some of the best.

Mizuno Prospect

Type: Youth

Web: Closed

Back: Closed

Size: 12-13 inches

The Mizuno Prospect is a nice upgrade after first-timer cheap softball gloves “overbreak” and wear out.

Mizuno’s “PowerClose technology” allows for easier catch and a more secure fit around the hand. V-Flex Notching allows for easier closure and the ParaSock palm pad is great at reducing sting.

Both hand orientations are compatible and the size of this glove make it ideal for infielders. There’s no need to oil or steam this glove– the breaking in period is very minimal.

Worth Mayhem Series

Type: Slowpitch

Web: Open

Back: Closed

Size: 13 inches

Rawlings and Mizuno can both definitely be considered one of the best mid-range softball glove brands around. Rawlings’ Worth Mayhem Series glove is a great example of this brand’s reputation.

Ideal for slowpitching, this full leather glove features oversized slow pitch patterns and a customizable adjustable back for the perfect fit.

The only downside to this glove is that it can take a while to break in.

Mizuno Franchise

Type: Fastpitch

Web: Closed

Back: Closed

Size: 13 inches

If you want a more luxurious glove for a mid-range price, Mizuno’s Franchise glove should be considered.

This right-handed throw glove is pre-oiled, made from Java leather, features additional cushioning along the fingers, and absorbs shock adequately. Tartan C webbing and an ultra-secure closure ensure that this glove won’t go flying off.

Like Rawling’s glove, this Mizuno will take a bit to break in. It’s definitely worth the wait.

The Best Top Of The Line Softball Gloves

If you like to invest in the best softball equipment possible, these big-timers should definitely be considered.

Nokona Buckaroo

Type: Fastpitch

Web: Closed

Back: Closed

Size: 12-13 inches

Nokona has been making high-quality top of the line softball gear for a while. Their Buckaroo glove is a great example of their quality.

The Nokona Buckaroo is designed for both left-hand throwers and right-hand throwers. This glove is ideal for players who need something light but also firm enough to not get flimsy easily.

The break-in period is shorter than most gloves, and that’s because it isn’t made from 100% cowhide. The Buckaroo is made of Kangaroo leather, which is known for being crazy strong and super lightweight.

It will set you back almost $300, but this is a softball glove for life.

Worth Liberty Advanced Series

Type: Fastpitch

Web: Open Trap

Back: Open

Size: 12-13 inches

Worth’s Liberty Advanced softball glove features a finger shift Mod 6 finger for right-handed throwers. The finger shift design aids in easier closing and absorbs shock wonderfully.

Made from double tanned shell leather and American made Pro lace, this glove is ideal for those who value durability in a softball glove.

The pulls straps are custom fitted for quick hand adjustments and the Poron XRD palm and index finger padding reduces shock and virtually eliminates stinging.

Miken KO Series

Type: Slowpitch

Web: Open Trap

Back: Open

Size: 13-14 inches

The Miken KO series slowpitch softball glove looks as intense as it performs. Available in both left handed throws and right handed throws, this lightweight surprisingly soft full-grain leather glove features a shell that feels game-ready right out of the package.

Poron XRD palm pads absorb shock wonderfully, and the American-made leather laces ensure the durability of this glove. The break-in period is short, it’s great in the outfield as well as the infield, and the red and black color is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Nokona Walnut Leather

Type: Fastpitch

Web: Closed

Back: Closed

Size: 12-13 inches

Nokona makes this list again with another glove, the closed web Walnut Leather glove for right-handed throwers.

This glove’s twelve and a half inch closed web design in vintage walnut leather looks beautiful and feels beautiful to hold. Dual strap fastback backing aids in size adjustment and getting the glove on without any fuss, and the full lace design is vintage in the best way possible. This glove will not fall apart on you anytime soon.

The Nokona Walnut Leather glove is great for both softball and baseball. Breaking in this glove isn’t difficult, as it comes pre-oiled and tight.

Rawlings Gold Glove Elite Series

Type: Fastpitch

Web: Closed

Back: Open

Size: 12 inches

The Rawlings Gold Elite Series is another great high-end glove from Rawlings. Best for right-handed throwers, this great quality glove is a fan favorite among youth softball players.

The break-in time takes a while, but once the Gold Elite Series glove is broken in, it performs like a dream. If you’re tired of going through a glove every year or even every few months, this is a great investment alternative. This glove is easy to adjust and boasts a vintage look.

Get The Best Softball Glove For You

How was our guide to finding the best softballs gloves in 2020? Tell us what you think, along with your personal favorite, in the comments below.