3 Powerful Boxing Exercises for Beginners to Master

3 Powerful Boxing Exercises for a Beginner to Learn

Although boxing is a highly competitive sport, it’s shown to be more useful then fine tuning your self defense skills.

Boxing exercises are now one of the most popular workouts there are. Taking a boxing class is usually filled with a range of fifteen to even twenty five enthusiasts training their hearts out. Boxing is  a great exercise in itself and also almost triples the amount of cardio benefits you would get running or jogging. Most classes start with a 10 minute warm up followed by an intense 30 minute work out, with a final 10 minutes to cool down.

If you are thinking about perusing boxing, I suggest you take a water bottle with you and eat a solid, healthy meal an hour before your work out so you have the optimum amount of energy to train. At your first class, they will teach you that most of your ability will come from strategy, not strength.


Boxers do a lot of cardio, because their bodies have to be in tip-top shape. If not, they will stand a chance of losing to their opponent. In order to get in physical shape for this, boxers are expected to run about three to five miles a day for five days a week. Many fighters also do intense bursts, or sprints.

Doing this gives a you a boost and is great for dropping weight, as it releases the human growth hormone, or HGH into your system, helping you burn calories and in turn burning body fat. Sprints are also know to be good for conditioning and tend to be easier on the knees, so this is good exercise to do one to three times a week.

Cardio boxing exercises also include foot-speed drills which is essential in the boxing community. It drastically improves your foot work and agility which is very important.

Jump roping is a very good and a well known way to get your blood pumping. If you push off with the balls of your feet and jump as many times as you can in 60 seconds, you’ll sure be feeling it

Shadow Boxing

Speed in boxing exercises is important. It doesn’t only help your speed, it is also proven to help your footwork, balance, power, coordination, technique, and form. You will need a speed bag, but no gloves. This also helps with the speed of your mind while remembering your combinations, especially during a live fight. Combinations can go from four steps to twenty, and helps a great deal with technique.

Make up your own combination and repeat it until you have it down perfect. Example: 1. Left jab 2. Right hook 3. Left jab 4. Right uppercut Repeat your combination for about four or five times in a row, bringing your hands back to your starting stance before the next rep. Remember to exhale at every punch and to stay hydrated and don’t over exert yourself!

You can also wear your boxing gloves to get used to the weight and fell of them. It’s one thing to box for long periods without gloves, and a totally different experience to do it with them on. So start getting used to them from the very beginning.

Heavy Bag

Don’t forget your gloves! Boxing exercises with a heavy bag is more then just throwing punches until you over exhaust yourself. Start by warming up and getting comfortable. I know it can be a little odd punching something that looks like an over sized sleeping bag, hanging from the ceiling.

Make sure to maintain your boxing stance and that you are at a good punching range. Use your eyes to increase your accuracy and technique. It’s very important to use good breathing and have good footwork when using a heavy bag.

Focus on the power behind your punches and jabs and having a fluid style of movement. Unload everything you have into the bag in any combination you desire, just make sure you have good balance!

As your strength and skill increases, you can also increase the intensity of the workout by using weighted lifting gloves to place more resistance on your arms. You’d be surprised how different you’ll feel when you take them off and how fast you’ll feel you can now throw a punch. Another great “secret” of training.

Increase Punching Power with Weighted Boxing Gloves

How to Increase Your Punching Power Using Weighted Boxing Gloves

There are a lot of people who believe that, the size of an individual shows the exact punch he or she can give. Although this is true sometimes but it is not a hard and fast rule.

With an adequate amount of training and also the smartest training methods available, the punching force of an individual can be enhanced and can take even the tallest man down. Well, the truth behind every punch has to do with the preciseness it carries and also the perfection in which the punch is delivered. So as to improve upon your punching skills and power, there is the need to train with the very best gloves.

Training with the best weighted boxing gloves for men goes a long way to help give your muscles the stamina it needs to perfect every punch. Being tall and having heavy hands alone does not amount to anything if you cannot commit to training and also dedicate your time to learning. You can start by buying the right weighted glove size to fit you perfectly.

After you do so, it will be best to make sure you do not take for granted the material type and also the brand. Then, make sure you are buying the weighted boxing gloves for men at the very best price.

When you have the right weighted gloves, you should then start by punching heavier bags that you normally would. Make sure the bag you are punching weighs at least 100 pounds or even more than that. This will push you to increase your punching force. Do this every single day until you are able to punch to move it. After you move one punching bag weigh, move to the next, etc.

This is a great technique that so many great fighters and boxers have used to take their punching power and strength of a hit to a whole new level. In the world of boxing and martial arts, training well is all that matters. This is why practicing with a coach, or an expert trainer or even a friend will be super helpful. When you have these people around, they will not only help motivate you to push yourself, but also point out any mistakes you’re making in form and execution.

Also, when you make mistakes, they will be there to correct and guide you all the way through. Never doubt your capabilities to be the best or else you can never be the best. With the weighted gloves on, there is no way you will have issues sailing through the process successfully.

However, when you use weighted gloves, it will be best if you do not use regular punching bags. This is because punching bags were designed to be used as a resistance tool to increase the strength of your muscles in your shoulders, arms, hands and also to increase a fighter’s punching speed.

Make sure you increase the weight of your gloves as your strength improves. You can buy leather or other materials that are synthetic and may last longer than leather depending on the material and manufacturer. Check if your fitness store has a return policy or not. This will help you know if you are going in for the right deal or not. The last thing you want is to buy a new pair of weighted gloves only to have them fall apart a few weeks later.

Never buy a cheap weighted gloves as not only are they a waste a money, but they can also cause unnecessary injuries.

Tokushu Hayabusa Gloves Review (Are They Any Good?)

SuperSport’s Tokushu Hayabusa Gloves Review

The Hayabusa Tokushu gloves are a scientific discovery that outperforms all the other boxing gloves on the market whether you need them for MMA, boxing or Muay Thai. These are the gloves we recommend to everyone here at Super Sport 930, because we use them ourselves. So we know these are one of the best boxing gloves you can buy.

With state of the art features and exclusive inner composites, the Tokushu glove series is unlike anything ever created. From exclusively engineered leather vylar for unprecedented performance and durability, to unique Ecta activated-carbonized bamboo lining for maximum comfort; these gloves are suitable for both amateur and professional fighters.

Tokushu hayabusa gloves series is the result of a complete commitment to research and equipment performance.

How they perform

Tokushu Hayabusa Gloves ReviewMost individuals who have bought and used the boxing glove have generally been impressed by their comfort, design, durability and overall performance.

These gloves push the threshold of combat equipment performance and injury prevention. Features such as Fusion wrist splitting and dual-X closure systems offer great support, thus preventing wrist injury particularly in individuals with weak wrists.

The boxing glove are constructed from materials that have allowed them to provide quality performances. The materials are durable and won’t break down and degrade around the knuckles and thumb.

Elements That Make Up these boxing gloves

1. Delta EG Inner Core Technology For Ultimate Protection

Wearing the wrong boxing glove can cause injuries such as sprained tendons, torn muscles and ligaments, and even broken bones. Due to poor support, your wrists can absorb unnecessary amount of shock that can lead to injury.

For this reason, Tokushu hayabusa gloves feature state of the art Delta EG inner core technology that guarantees maximum impact protection. During their development, the boxing glove were subjected to numerous impact tests to determine their impact resistance levels.

The results were remarkable. Using a force transducer striking device, scientists demonstrated that this core material manipulates impact energy thus allowing fighters to recover from strikes more quickly.

Simply stated, these gloves don’t degrade, they recover from strikes instantly, so users are always protected. Moreover, padding on these gloves has clearly been crafted to provide maximum support without sacrificing the accuracy and power in your punches. Not only are these gloves designed to provide superior protection, but they are also sleek and lightweight to allow for lightning fast punches.

If you want to protect your hands at all times so that you can get the most out of your training sessions, Hayabusu boxing gloves is the way to go.

2. Dual-X Closure & Fusion Splinting

By the mere fact that you are training means you are not a perfect puncher. Throwing a bad punch with your hand and wrist out of alignment can cause wrist injury. And for this reason, Tokushu Gloves have a patented and advanced glove design that not only keeps you protected to the highest degree possible, but also maximizes your punching power.

The Duel-X wrist closure and Fusion-Zone Splinting systems allow you to adjust the gloves to create optimal ergonomic alignment of your hand and wrist. Without proper alignment, you can lose a tremendous amount of energy in your punches and even incur wrist injury.

3. Vylar

Moreover, these gloves have a new high performance engineered leather material known as Vylar. Whereas leather is an excellent boxing-glove material, severe testing in continuous hardcore training and repeated fight conditions demonstrated that hayabusa gloves with Vylar material outperform leather. Ultimately, tests for flexibility, surface abrasion, crack and tear resistance made it clear Vylar engineered leather was the only choice for durable and comfort gloves.

One other outstanding feature is the mesh lining at the inside palm region of Tokushu gloves. Instead of leather with breathing holes, a large portion is replaced with mesh, allowing for greater breathability. This is particularly great for individuals who find their hands getting stuffy in regular gloves.


The Hayabusa Tokushu gloves also feature Ecta, a patented-carbonized bamboo lining that provides revolutionary heat regulation properties for proper heat distribution. This way, your hands stay dryer for longer, preventing slippage and misfiring of punches. Moreover, Ecta has powerful anti-fungal and deodorizing effects for decreased stink.

Most individuals sweat tremendously while boxing and the damp-environment within most ordinary gloves can allow fungus to thrive. This simply isn’t the case with the Tokushu gloves.
Ecta lining is designed to provide you with a higher level of comfort and fit.


Hayabusa gloves designed these with every fighter in mind. They crammed user friendly features into a compact and lightweight glove series that guarantee comfort and convenience. Moreover, these gloves have been subjected to countless stress tests to guarantee ultimate protection from wrist injury.

For someone with weak wrists and good stamina these gloves will allow you keep you on your feet training all day. The break in period for these gloves is minimal and they are designed well enough to be good for everyone from people new to boxing to boxing professionals.

The Best Boxing Gloves to Reduce Hand Injuries

Our Top Boxing Gloves Picks

Whether you’re boxing as a career, a sport or just exercising, you want the best boxing gloves money can buy. The reason is simple. Cheap gloves can get you hurt.

Great boxing gloves are scientifically designed for ultimate support as hand injuries are one of the most prevalent problems in boxing (Boxers Fracturesalong with Carpal Bossing, Cuts (Lacerations), Shoulder Dislocation and Concussions.

To become a great boxer, one thing you must get right at all cost is the pair of gloves you’re going to use. The market is full of different designs and brands that newbies and pros can pick for training or serious fighting. And here at Super Sport 930 we have tried them all, sometimes for years. So you’ll know you’re getting real, honest feedback here.

One notable thing with all boxing enthusiasts, especially those new to the game, is difficulty in selecting the right gloves.

Your gloves should be strong and effective in protecting your hands. No matter the pair you prefer, your hands must be protected at all cost to keep boxing and enjoying the game for long.

We have also broken down our reviews into categories. So if you’re looking for the best weight lifting gloves for women, that’s a different article.

Focus on safety should particularly be emphasized when looking for kids and ladies boxing gloves because their hands are gentle and brittle. The following is a comprehensive guide on how to pick the best gloves for boxing.

Best Boxing Gloves

These are the top 4 best boxing gloves for 2020
Brand Use Rating
RDX Maya Sparring glove 4.5
Everlast Training 4.5
RDX Cow Hide Leather Gel Boxing Gloves Sparring 4.5
York Boxing Bag Mitt Multipurpose 4.3


Besides, the guide includes a review of top 10 gloves for men, women and kids so that you can be sure of choosing the best and enjoying the ecstasy of fighting in the ring.

Things to consider

The gloves you pick will determine how successful or enjoyable you are going to find boxing. At the training and sparing level, the target is getting gloves that will be comfortable, supportive, and motivating. Here are the most important things to consider when picking the best boxing gloves.

The level of boxing to be involved in:

Gloves on the market today are made for various purposes. Depending on the level you will be boxing at, it is important to pick the right pair for the job.

For example, there are gloves designed for kid’s boxing, training, spurring, and champions. At sparing and training levels, the gloves are mainly targeted at protecting hands. They have heavier padding and might be slightly larger compared to others.

However, gloves for fitness training and competitions are tougher and heavier for extra safety.

If unsure of the level you will be playing the game, the best thing is to pick a pair that can be used for both competition and training.

For little kids, the gloves have to be extra soft and firm to guarantee them of the extra safety of the hands because they are still brittle and growing.


No matter the level of your boxing, you can never compromise on comfort. At the training and sparring stages, comfort is even more important because the boxing enthusiasts might be new and have to remain properly motivated.

Check for gloves made with proper design and materials to guarantee the user of comfort. The outer cover should be made of strong material such as leather that can withstand pressure from regular punching on the bag or opponent. Besides, the gloves should be carefully designed to hold the fingers and protect them as you hit the training bag with extra force.

Establish whether the gloves have proper stitches to hold all the fingers and if they are perfectly fitting? You might also want to select the Velcro design for training and sparring because you have to adjust the gloves for comfort. However, when you get into competitions, a lace-up model might be better because you always have support when fighting in the ring.


While quality and comfort no doubt come first, the general design and outlook of the gloves also count a lot. For little kid’s training and junior competitions, it is advisable to pick gloves with lovely colors and appealing design. Interesting designs and colors keep the children focused on the game and advance their interest. If boxing at higher levels, you need to match the design and colors with other apparel, sponsor preferences, or team.


While the focus for every boxer is to punch harder and spur right; your hands should be properly protected. Pick the gloves that have enough cushioning and padding to absorb shock when punching the boxing bag or opponent. Some companies use special foam that molds onto the fingers and keeps them together for extra security. This also helps to protect the fingers from reaction forces when hitting and punching.

Other companies use layers of gel to make punches feel soft and gentle to the hands and hard to the boxing bag. In some cases, gel and foam are combined to make the cushioning stronger and wider especially for fitness and junior competitions. Make sure to pick gloves that are sold together with wrist bandage and enough Velcro or lace-up.


Only consider boxing gloves made of highest quality. To know about quality, first; you should check the material makeup of the glove. The best glove should be designed from top quality material that can withstand regular punching at the training center and even fights. A good choice is leather because it is handy, soft, and durable.

Second; the stitches should be properly done to secure all parts together. You do not want gloves that start getting torn after a few training sessions. Third; the gloves should have ample breathability. They should be made from materials that allow air to pass through easily and keep the cells of your fingers fresh.

Extra breathability should come with the ability to wick away sweat from the hands to prevent bacterial build up and damage to the materials of the glove. Fourth; the design of the glove, whether bag design, training model, or kids’ gloves should guarantee the user of longer lifespan even if used on a daily basis. Make sure to read through manufacturer’s quality statement or the piece you intend to pick to understand the focus on quality.


As an intensive boxing accessory, your pair of gloves is likely to get dirty fast and require regular cleaning. It is because of this that many prefer to acquire personal gloves as opposed to using custom ones available in gyms. Therefore, the right gloves should be made of materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

The wrist wrap should be made from cotton and gloves from leather or synthetic leather that are easy to clean using common methods. Besides, they should be easy to dry and ready for your next boxing sessions. The best picks are those that can be machine washed and dried faster. You might also want to get some pairs so that you can interchange them after cleaning.


The cost of the gloves you want to buy is an important factor because you can only buy what is affordable to you. The cost of many gloves varies from approximately $ 10 to over $ 100 depending on the design, material, and brand. Though you should never go for the cheapest because there is a risk of getting poor quality pair, you can still enjoy a top quality model by purchasing being smart on how you buy.

Take time checking for stores with offers and discounts to pick the best at lower rates. You can also buy the gloves together with other items from the same store to reach purchase levels for extra discounts and free deliveries. These will lower the ultimate cost of the boxing gloves without compromising on quality.

Color & Style

Colors in boxing are not solely used for appearance and attractiveness. They help with camouflage to outdo the opponent. The color of the gloves you pick should not be easily visible so that the opponent will not note where the blows are coming from. Some of the best colors for camouflage include red which is less visible to the human eye compared to other colors. It is because of this that most gloves are red. Other includes light colors such as light blue.

However, when picking the gloves for kids, you might need to overlook this consideration and pick the selections that interest them more.

Brands in the market

: Over time, brands in the market specializing in boxing gloves have increased. It is important to consider the brand designer of gloves you anticipate to pick because they define the quality of the gloves and value you can get from them.

The best brands are those that have been on the market and for some time, proven to focus on high quality and guarantee clients of the best results. Though most brands make all models from men, women to kids’ gloves, some concentrate on a specific class of gloves like fighting or training.

The brand also determines the cost of the gloves. A good way to know about the best gloves is reading through reviews and ratings that classify them based on the products they make.


No matter the level of boxing you are targeting, your objective is one; getting the best pair of gloves. While more gloves are being added to the market now and then, it is advisable to trust experts and follow their recommendations. You should also consider what other previous users have to say after using specific gloves.

Experts evaluate every aspect of the glove you intend to buy from design, cushioning, to focus of the manufacturer so that you are sure of getting the piece designed for your purpose. Similarly, previous clients who have used the gloves will give a full account of how they felt, comfort, and effectiveness.

They will have tested the gloves for you so that you only pick the perfect piece. Only pick the gloves with the highest rating from both clients and past users.

Weight & Sizes

Boxing pros and expert emphasize that without the right pair of gloves, one cannot succeed in the career. Even for those boxing at lower level like kid’s, sparring or fitness training, getting the right size of gloves gives you extra motivation, protects the hands, and makes the career more enjoyable. Because boxing gloves sizes are classified based on individual’s weight and height, you need to get it right from the word go. Know your weight and height before settling for a specific piece.

Always remember to try the gloves and confirm they fit perfectly before making payment.

Top 4 Best Boxing Gloves For Men

1. RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Whether you like amateur boxing or competitive rings action, the RDX Patent Pending Maya Hide Leather gloves are no doubt among the top. They are designed to guarantee you of extra sturdiness, resilience and durability.

Whether you use them every day for training, the hands will be firm, and they protect you from being hurt in fierce fights. They feature three layers of gel that will prevent you from getting direct resistance force when hitting the punch bag, especially during training.

For men, sparring and fighting in the ring can get rougher, and RDX utilized Shell-Shock gel technology to protect your hands.

To succeed in fights, these gloves are designed with an extra focus on comfort and breathability. The designer used Max-Shock Foam Technology in the entire section of the palm. During intense fighting, the hands tend to sweat more just any other part of the body. The layer of foam clears perspiration and guarantees the user of greater comfort even in prolonged fighting sessions.

Since you can never predict whether sparring or fights will go for extra rounds to get the winner, get this pair to be on prepared for wins and take home the trophy.

Every person who cherishes boxing is worried about safety. While the blows are powered and heavier, you can only enjoy the game if you have assurance of not breaking hands whether hitting the bag or fighting opponent.

RDX adopted the Quadro-Dome Technology that helps to secure your hands so that you do not finish boxing and head to the hospital. They also come with a wrist wrap and strong enclosure that will make boxing fun and enthralling.

2. Everlast Men’s Velcro Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast Men’s Velcro Pro Style Training Gloves

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

When you decide to venture into boxing, one way of being successful is making training intensive. This is because they prepare you to handle opponents and emerge victorious. It is from this focus that Everlast designed this unique Men’s Velcro Pro Style Training Glove.

From design to materials selection, the gloves are designed for intensive training. They help you get better punching since they have a lovely shape conforming to the shape of your hands.

Everlast is made with two firm and soft layers designed from innovative foam to help in absorbing shock. This gives you assurance of punching harder without damaging hands.

In addition, they have extra padding on the front, back, and on the wrist to allow you use all punching techniques. No matter how strong the punch bag or opponent is, well, using these gloves allows you apply counter-punching tactics and press on until you win.

Using the thumb-lock feature, you can now get to boxing rings with the assurance of extra safety and confidence which are crucial in every fight.

While the Everlast Men’s Velcro Pro Style Training Gloves are ideal for training, they are equally effective especially for those new to boxing. Besides, they are sturdily built and strong to make them longer lasting. They come in three main colors, red, gray and blue so that you can pick the favorite for your training or competitions.

Besides, they are averagely priced so that all can afford and enjoy longer lifespan both in training sessions and competitions. As a new boxing enthusiast, this is one type of glove you should consider adding to your fitness, career, or training accessories.

3. RDX Cow Hide Leather Gel Boxing Gloves 

RDX Gel Boxing Gloves 

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

No matter how you look at boxing, the aim of most boxers is to make the heaviest possible hits, on the punching bag, win fights, and remain in the best shape. It is a game, career, and focus that demands the best accessories.

The RDX Gloves are an outstanding pair of gloves designed to facilitate training for sparring, fitness, and tough fights just like the Hayabusa Tokushu gloves we also wrote about. RDX went to great length in making this pair strong, durable, comfortable, and a perfect piece to succeed in boxing training and fights.

The gloves have heavy duty shock absorbers that allow you take the most powerful hits. Besides, they have an IMT 3 layer of GEL padding for shock absorption. These give the user assurance of safety while making great punches.

As a trainer, this is the support that you need for the arm and fingers. It further features an adjustable wrist-strap system that allows the user to adjust easily even in the middle of training sessions. Therefore, you do not have to stick to the same strain throughout the training session, simply adjust the straps to enjoy the game and keep fighting for longer.

As adrenaline rise to the peak on the ring, RDX used the Cool-X Technology that helps to keep the hands dry and cool. While firmly holding the fingers and entire fist, the technology allows the gloves to clear and draw air to clear off all perspiration. This keeps hands fresh and comfortable without allowing build up of bad odors.

4. York Boxing Bag Mitt 

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This pair of gloves was designed by York to make the user a champion at all times. They are multipurpose gloves that fit well for new boxing enthusiasts to professional boxers with extra reliability for longer service and better performance. The York Boxing Bag Mitt – Black/Silver/Red, One Size has a preformed foam pack that takes the shape of the fingers and entire fist for a firmer grip when sending powerful blows to opponents or punch bag.

The gloves feature a multi-layered foam padding that cushions you from shocks whether in training or competitive fights. Whether it is a short training session or extended fights, the gloves have unique ergonomic fit that helps to keep the hands flexible and enjoyable. The interior lining is anti-slip for better ergonomics when fighting.

One outstanding component that makes the York Boxing Bag Mitt – Black/Silver/Red, One Size outstanding is the anti-perspiration technology. The glove has a ventilated mesh palm that allows continuous exchange of air throughout the fight. To prevent extra build out of sweat and odors, the gloves also have an absorbent sweat lining that will wick it out as you fight.

These makes the gloves the ideal pair for people who want to enjoy boxing and win every time they get into the ring. With all of these packaged together and sold affordably, boxing enthusiasts have a reason to enjoy every moment of their training and competitions. With an easy to clean material and design, this pair of gloves is a great piece and you can anticipate getting higher value for money.

Top Rated Boxing Gloves For Women

1. RDX Ladies Gel Inner Hand Wraps Gloves Boxing Fist Pink Bandages MMA Women

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

These women gloves by RDX are designed with unique designs that guarantee the user of extra strength without compromising tenderness. They also come with a feminine design that will motivate you to attend every training session and win fights. The gloves are carefully stitched so that all fingers fit well and hold firmly throughout the session. With fingers well protected, every hit will be stronger and, in extended training; your opponent will be surprised at your strength.

The blows you aim at the opponent are targeted at giving you the win you want whether in training or competitions. To allow you take these, the gloves have padded mitt for shock absorption, protection, and comfort. This gives you the confidence to hit the opponent harder and motivation to keep you fighting for longer.

RDX made the Ladies Gel Inner Hand Wraps Gloves Boxing Fist Pink Bandages MMA Women easy to use pieces but firm enough to help you take forceful hits. The gloves have easy on hand wraps and gel-integrated foam that makes them lighter. They are also easy to wear and adjust so that your hands feel comfortable, firm and strong. This ease of use makes the gloves enjoyable o use whether in training or competitive boxing.

Selection of materials for this pair of gloves targeted making them easy to clean and maintain. The Gel Integrated pad allows enough air to pass through to prevent sweat accumulation. Therefore, the gloves do not bad odor or dirt easily. When you need to wash them, they can be machine washed easily or by hand to get the lovely allure they had when new. You want to get extra motivation as a boxer, think of these gloves as part of it.

2. FITNESS MAD Ladies Synthetic Leather Sparring Gloves

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Success in boxing is as good as the accessories that the boxer uses. Boxing Mad designed the FITNESS MAD Ladies Synthetic Leather Sparring Gloves with a target of transforming ladies’ tenderness into enthralling toughness in their hits. The gloves are designed with soft synthetic material that is extra soft to the hand but strong enough to make every high very strong to outdo the opponent.

The design features anatomically molded latex purposely made for women. Unlike other designs that leave fingers separated, this design from Boxing Mad holds them together to get extra support and strength. The hands mold effectively inside the gloves so that you feel natural and stronger when wearing and fighting in the ring. Because of this design, both newbies and experts find the gloves enjoyable and easy to use.

The entire interior of the gloves is well padded to help protect the user when making hits. From the lining on the fingers, the palm and around the wrist, the glove guarantees the user of extra protection and firmness. You can, therefore, take every hit when training without worrying to harm your fingers. Additionally, the gloves come with a wide Velcro wrist anchor or better comfort.

If training outdoors, the gloves are designed with waterproof taffeta to provide water-proof support so that no moisture can get into the padding. You can, therefore, continue boxing and enjoying the game without risking damage to the gloves or even compromising comfort of the boxer. If looking for an affordable pair that will help you to become a boxing champion or starting the game, this is a great option.

3. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Glove – Pink, 08 oz

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Everlast design for this pair of gloves targeted delivering optimal quality without compromising the sense of style. The gloves are designed with extra durable PU synthetic leather for extra firmness and strength whether you are training or competing in the ring. The synthetic leather is reinforced with a firm shock-absorbing layer that shields the hand even when making extra strong hits.

Besides, the gloves additionally have a two-layer foam core that allows your hands to mold to them for extra comfort. This guarantees you of extra comfort and safety.

Just like other parts of the body, cells on the hand require an extra supply of air for comfort and freshness. The gloves have an Evercool Mesh on the inner part of the fingers insert as well as palm region to make it easy for the hand to breathe. Besides, the Evercool Mesh helps to lower the temperatures even under stressful conditions like when you need to fight for long rounds.

Everlast designed the Women’s Pro Style Training Glove – Pink, 08 oz with an easy to use model so that ladies could enjoy the game more even when time is limited. The gloves have wide and elastic Velcro straps so that you can put on or remove the gloves fast and stabilize the wrist. Additionally, the sewn-on-thumb makes the gloves hold entire hand together without risking injury. This glove takes to the hands so well so that you feel naturally stronger when thrusting hits against your opponent. It is, therefore, a perfect option for ladies who want to enjoy boxing for fitness, in and out of the ring.

Top Rated Boxing Gloves For Kids

1. Pu Kids Children Cartoon Sparring Dajn Boxing Gloves Training Age 5-10 Years

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Want to make your little kid/s champions in boxing? Well, think of starting with the right pair of gloves such as the Pu Kids Children Cartoon Sparring Dajn Boxing Gloves Training Age 5-10 Years. The gloves are carefully designed for tender hands such as those of your kids. From the materials to general outlook, kids will love the gloves and even develop a long-term interest in them.

Cheerwing was motivated by the dynamism that children demonstrate when they small and need to support them realize talents as early as possible. They, therefore, made the gloves with extra light material so that kids can concentrate on training, attaching with the sport, and growing in it.

Notably, these gloves are constructed with the understanding that little kids between 5-10 years are still tender, and their bodies (including hands) are still growing. The design ensures that fingers and entire wrist are protected. The fingers mold inside the glove and are held close to each other so that hits do not damage bones, ligaments, or joints that are still growing.

The gloves are large enough covering the hand and even the wrist for extra support and comfort. They are further supported by an easy to adjust the strap to make boxing more interesting and attractive to the kid. This and synthetic leather material make the gloves longer lasting so that the kid can enjoy them for a longer period. Take time to understand what colors your kid fancy most and pick between red and blue for greater thrill.

2. Everlast Youth Boxing Gloves (3003)

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

When kids get deep into boxing and want to enter into competitions, the best thing to do is buying them Everlast Youth Boxing Gloves (3003) because of their unique design. The gloves are unique and extra strong for young hands. The construction design and materials make the gloves light and easy to use on the ring. Your kid will not feel like he/she is carrying extra weight that can compromise focus on hits.

To make boxing more enjoyable and successful, the gloves are soft and padded to ensure that the brittle fingers and entire hand are protected from shocks. The fingers are carefully cushioned and help together to protect them and make it easy to hit punch bag with extra force. On the outer part, the padding makes a lovely curve so that corners on the finger are free from possible injuries. Everlast design for these gloves has won affection with many kids especially those starting to participate in junior competitions.

The construction of the gloves makes them an ideal collection for both training and competitions. The premium synthetic leather featuring rugged and longer lasting stitches makes the gloves firm and extra strong. Even if the user uses these gloves several sessions every day, they will not tear down or get worn out easily.

Also, children love them because they are easy to wear by simply slipping in and releasing the elastic cuff closure. Whether you are in the middle of the fight or training, children are able to adjust the gloves and proceed within seconds. This is one great gift that you should consider for an active kid especially those with interest in boxing.

3. RDX Maya Hide Leather 4oz, 6oz Kids Boxing Gloves Junior Punch Bag MMA Training Muay Thai Mitts

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

When you think of your kids as pros in boxing, reward them with a winning pair of gloves such as the RDX Maya Hide Leather 4oz, 6oz Kids Boxing Gloves Junior Punch Bag MMA Training Muay Thai Mitts. Though designed for kids, the gloves are carefully put together to make sure they can grow step-by-step to greatest names in the ring. From materials selection to shape, RDX spared nothing in ensuring that this piece is among the best. First, they used the top quality Maya Hide Leather for extra comfort on hands even when used for extended sessions.

To protect the kid’s hands, RDX used high-density Gel latex padding. They mold carefully to the kid’s hands for safety and confidence. This makes the kid start playing like a pro even at a tender age. Besides, the gloves feature extra-strength Velcro closure that extends to the wrist so that the entire hand is protected as the player hits the opponent with force. The parent can, therefore, rest with the assurance that the kid is safe and will continue enjoying the game for a long time.

The effectiveness of any kid’s gloves is dependent on how comfortable and appealing they are. The palm of these gloves is ventilated well to allow enough air to pass through when boxing in the ring. All sweat can easily move out, and cells remain fresh and energized the entire fighting session. The outer design is smooth and stitches finished well to hold every part in position for an attractive outlook.

Check the color that matches your kid’s preference to have assurance that with time, the kid will become a boxing pro, and ultimately a champion.

Different Boxing Gloves Brands

Boxing Gloves Brand

Manufacturers designing and sending gloves to the market have increased so much in the last three decades. They introduce new technologies to enhance protection and comfort of the boxer whether in training sessions or competition. The following are top brands that boxers have become accustomed to and that you should equally consider buying from.

  • Everlast: This is one of the oldest boxing gloves designers with over 100 years of operations. They have cut a name in the boxing world for designing top quality boxing accessories. They have cut a name for designing a wide range of gloves from very cheap models to expensive pieces which are among the best in the market.
  • Winning: Most of the commonest gloves in the rings today are made by Winning. Their focus is designing gloves for training and sparring levels. Most pro-boxers prefer their gloves for training and fitness sessions because they have better protective qualities. The company was started in 1937 and uses some of the best technologies to guarantee the user of extra protection when working on the punching bag of training with an opponent.
  • Title: This is a popular brand in the market today for creating top quality gloves without overpricing them. Their cheap training designs can take many years without getting damaged. Besides, they are easily available and common in many gyms.
  • Ringside: This brand makes gloves for the high-end market. From their cushioning materials, padding to outer leather, they always pick the best. However, their pieces are always pricey compared to others.
  • Rival: This is a Canadian brand that places all its focus on quality from design to selection of materials. Though their gloves are categorized in the same class with other top rated gloves, they are more expensive because of exclusive design.
  • RDX: This is one of the leading UK designers of top rated leather gloves for the boxers. They make all types of gloves for men, women, and kids. Besides, their gloves come at a wide range of prices and have become very common in the boxing clubs and gyms today.

Different Boxing Gloves Types

Boxing gloves fall into several categories that are differentiated to assist people to excel in their areas of interest. There are categories for training, kids, sparring and experts.

  • Bag Boxing Gloves: These are bags designed to help protect your hands more and not what you are punching. The gloves are meant for training aids, double end bags, and heavy bags. In this category boxers can pick the classic design which is lighter and does not provide a lot of wrist support. However, the modern bag designs are more cushioned and targeted to offer greater padding and protection. They are perhaps the best that trainers who think of advancing to competitions should consider.
  • Sparring gloves: These gloves are carefully designed to provide you with top protection and also protect the bag or opponent you are hitting. They are mainly used for training and targeted at helping the user to develop technique and skill. The objective of such training is not necessary to knock the opponent down but helping to distribute weight so that you learn fast.
  • Training gloves: These are gloves that every boxer should have in his closet. They are designed carefully and can be used for hitting heavy bags. Sparring, mitts training, and everything including fights. However, they are not soft enough for sparring but considered the ideal for people who are yet to decide the level of boxing they want to engage in.
  • Pro gloves: These pieces are designed for pros and meant for fierce fights in the ring. Their padding is smaller and compact to help make the largest impact on the opponent. The gloves should not be used for other purposes because they can easily hurt the opponent.
  • Cardio Gloves: The cardio designs are made with extra padding for training especially for those who want to hit the bags and mitts harder. However, they are known to be less durable and therefore not ideal for people seeking to advance to competitive boxing.
  • Muay Thai gloves: These gloves are fast gaining popularity for sparring and training because of their quality. They are more flexible and, therefore, easy to grab opponent. They are equally affordable and easy to maintain.

Picking the right gloves size. Is there difference between weight and size?

  • Common boxing glove sizes

When picking the gloves for training, sparring, or fights or competitive fights, fight matters a lot. Though gloves may appear equal and similar from a general viewpoint, picking the wrong size could harm your fingers, hands, and make you lose fights. When it comes to size, you cannot afford to get it wrong. Here is how to pick the right size. For instance, a bigger glove means it has extra padding and, therefore, better for hand and opponent protection.

Additionally, professional boxers want to train in heavier gloves so that hands get faster when they face opponents in competitions.

Boxing gloves are displayed on OZ or ounces. The commonest sizes are 16 oz, 14 oz, 12 oz, 10 oz, and 8 oz. note that in boxing, the gloves do not have odd sizes such as 13, 11, and 9.

  • Is weight and size the same thing?

Weight and size are very different when it comes to selecting the right gloves. Though size often corresponds with the weight, it is not always the case. Therefore, when you pick glove size 16 oz, this does not always mean that that is the exact weight. The size classification is used to tell the right glove that a boxer needs to train in. However, the weight is crucial because it need to fit perfectly well with the method of use.

  • How to tell the right boxing glove size.

The categorization is based on weight and height. People below 120 pounds should consider 12 oz – 14 oz. Those between 120 lbs – 150 lbs are recommended to use 14 oz – 16 oz. If you weigh 150 lbs – 180lbs, the correct glove sizes are 16 oz – 18 oz. Others heavier than 180 lbs should pick 18 oz and larger sizes.

Based on height, if you are less than 5.4 inches, consider using 12 oz for training and 14 oz for sparring. Others between 5.5 inches to 5.9 inches should select 12 oz sized gloves for training and 16 oz for sparring. Taller people reaching over 5.9 inches should go for 12 oz or 14 oz for training purposes and 16 oz for sparring. Always remember that you need to tray the gloves to ensure that they fit well, and you are comfortable with them whether you are training or sparring.

How to make a choice ?

  • Be flexible in your selection: Flexibility is essential when selecting gloves because it keeps your mind open to reviews and focus on the best quality. Even if you prefer gloves from a specific brand, flexibility will help you explore more options and get a better boxing pair of gloves.
  • If you want to train by hitting heavy bags and mitts, go for well-cushioned gloves: They will protect your hands and the bags so that you train for longer and get the skills you want.
  • Understand the level of training you want to be involved in because gloves are different: To assist clients to pick the right options faster, gloves are designed based on specific uses. If you want gloves for real fighting, go for lighter but strong gloves. However, spurring and training requires more padded gloves.
  • If selecting the gloves for little kids, take note of their interest: Pick the colors carefully and understand that their hands are still growing. Therefore, make sure they are properly cushioned to avoid getting harmed.
  • Pick the perfect size: No matter the level of boxing you are in, sparring, kids, or real fights, you need to get it right on size.
  • Take time to learn what has worked for others: Whether you are just starting interest in boxing, or you are a pro, the best pick is what others have used and given positive recommendations. A good way is following the best boxers’ footsteps.
  • Never shy away from asking your coach for suggestion: Your boxing trainer can be a great resource for your boxing accessories selection. Having been in the game for many years and understood how most of the accessories operate, he can be able to pinpoint with great precision the best picks for you.


When you pick the right pair of good boxing gloves, boxing can be really enjoyable whether playing for fitness, kids, sparring, or eve competition. It is a game that helps to keep the body fit, gives one all the tactics for self-defense, and delivers personal satisfaction.

This guideline brings to fore the most important component when boxing at any level to guarantee you of safety, thrill, and wins if in competitions. Do not get it difficulty any more when picking gloves; simply pick any of the reviewed selections to enjoy higher quality and value for money.

Besides, the guide outlines all the considerations to factor when picking a pair of gloves so you can enjoy higher value for money.

Always remember that when it comes to boxing, you must get it right choosing the best boxing gloves to avoid injuries and to have a pair that will last for years of training.

Best Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves (Reviews for 2020)

The Best Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves Reviewed for 2019

Exercising your muscles, is actually a good way to tone them. Some says that it’s not good for women, but I don’t think it’s true. I do different exercises for the past few months. I did what common women are doing like, weight lifting for muscles training and cardio exercises.

And if you’re a guy, this is the wrong article for you. You can find our best rated boxing gloves here.

Just like most women, I invested for the gym clothes, training shoes, sports socks, but not for gym gloves. It sounds really silly, right? I thought I don’t need it, ‘cos I didn’t expect that I should have to wear one when lifting dumbbells and other muscle training machines . But, after a couple of months, I had a few callus on my hands.

But now I bought one for myself, it was recommended by the gym manager from where I work out every morning. And I thought of writing a review about it and share a few popular women’s gloves that are top ranking or highly-recommended by women who have used them, for you.

You can choose your gloves from a few different harbinger women gloves like, 154 power women stretch-back gloves, etc. and in case your friend needs one for her kick boxing class, you can let her know about it as well. So let’s start with my newest pair of light blue training gloves…

Personal Review for Harbinger Pro Wash and Dry Lifting Gloves for Ladies

Harbinger Lifting Gloves for LadiesIf you are not really working out heavily with weights and you just want to protect your pretty nice hands this one is really worth trying to. I’m actually using it currently, and a lot of women training at the gym where I go are also using it. It’s not too fancy, but most importantly it really does the job.

My major problems when lifting weights are the rough grips on the bars and dumbbells are really giving me pain when lifting them, which is not good. And it affects my exercise routines, which I don’t want to happen every time.

Since it’s recommended by the gym manager where I work out, I thought it’s worth giving it to try. It’s actually nicely fitted on my hands.

Also, I could say that it’s made of genuine leather which protects my hands and allows me to move them comfortably. The material on the upper surface is ventilator mesh, which is really good and flexible (but it’s tickling me a little ‘cos of its texture) other than that I haven’t encounter anything bad yet. Oh, the1/2 finger length is just perfect.

You can click this photo on the left hand side to see the other details from Amazon. And when you buy this Harbinger women’s pro gloves, make sure to buy one size larger ‘cos it’s a little bit small size for a lot of women who have bought this.

It’s also available in pink color!

Heavy Duty Stretchback Gloves Women should Buy

Harbinger 154Known for making high quality equipment, these power gloves are really comfortable and one of the best sellers on the market. If you are into heavy exercise or some call it, ‘weight lifting routines for women’, you’d probably want to wear a pair of these. They let you extend your hand limitations without compromising.

Harbinger 154 Power Women’s StretchBack Gloves (Black, Medium)

I’ve heard from several women that it’s really flexible, which allows you a better ventilation, comfort, and nice fitting for your hands than the common gloves.

If you had problem on your thumb because of weight lifting, this one protects you from it, ‘cos it has wrap-around thumb cushions and second layer of leather on thumb and palm.

It’s highly recommended, really worth to try, and a good investment.

Most Comfortable Flexfit Cross Training Gloves to Use While Working Out

Are you into a serious exercise training and some ‘extreme’ exercise? Well, this is the kind of training gloves that you can have and use for different training purposes. It’s the most comfortable Harbinger gloves you can buy online ‘cos its padding is made of techgel, which made it very unique and comfy. Aside from its comfortable, nice fitting, and flexibility, it’s also best selling in Amazon.

Harbinger FlexFit Weight Lifting Gloves For Women

Harbinger FlexFit Weight Lifting Gloves For WomenAs I’ve said earlier a lot of women are using these flexifit gloves, it’s really easy to take on-and-off, which is essential for women. And it’s not too bulky at all, the color is not too flashy, and you can throw it to washer and dry it easily, without worrying on how to clean them.

Among all harbinger gloves, this is the one that most people like with regards to perfect fitting with their hands, which is so important.

And lastly, a lot of people gave it high-ratings for its durability, design, fitting, color, and price. It’s really worth the money.

Purple Harbinger 322 Bag Glove Women Wristwrap

If you decided to move on to the next level, and join a kickboxing program, or martial arts, and bag work, don’t forget to buy one of this. Since it’s made for the women, it’s ultra-light material and not too bulky at all.

Also, it protects your fingers from anything bad you could have from kickboxing. And the best thing about it is the wrist-wrap, that helps your hands stabilized.

Harbinger Bag Glove Women’s WristWrap (Black/Indigo, Small)

A lot of women are buying it from Amazon, and so far majority of them are really loving it. Every woman wants a comfortable gloves, easy to get on and off, and enough padding support.

A lot of those women who bought it said, it’s very durable that can last for quite a while, which I think is very important and worth the money.

You can also suggest or recommend this to some of your friends or kickboxing mates, and they will surely be happy about your recommendation.

If you want to see the reviews of different women who bought it, you’re free to click it here.