Best Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves (Reviews for 2020)

The Best Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves Reviewed for 2019

Exercising your muscles, is actually a good way to tone them. Some says that it’s not good for women, but I don’t think it’s true. I do different exercises for the past few months. I did what common women are doing like, weight lifting for muscles training and cardio exercises.

And if you’re a guy, this is the wrong article for you. You can find our best rated boxing gloves here.

Just like most women, I invested for the gym clothes, training shoes, sports socks, but not for gym gloves. It sounds really silly, right? I thought I don’t need it, ‘cos I didn’t expect that I should have to wear one when lifting dumbbells and other muscle training machines . But, after a couple of months, I had a few callus on my hands.

But now I bought one for myself, it was recommended by the gym manager from where I work out every morning. And I thought of writing a review about it and share a few popular women’s gloves that are top ranking or highly-recommended by women who have used them, for you.

You can choose your gloves from a few different harbinger women gloves like, 154 power women stretch-back gloves, etc. and in case your friend needs one for her kick boxing class, you can let her know about it as well. So let’s start with my newest pair of light blue training gloves…

Personal Review for Harbinger Pro Wash and Dry Lifting Gloves for Ladies

Harbinger Lifting Gloves for LadiesIf you are not really working out heavily with weights and you just want to protect your pretty nice hands this one is really worth trying to. I’m actually using it currently, and a lot of women training at the gym where I go are also using it. It’s not too fancy, but most importantly it really does the job.

My major problems when lifting weights are the rough grips on the bars and dumbbells are really giving me pain when lifting them, which is not good. And it affects my exercise routines, which I don’t want to happen every time.

Since it’s recommended by the gym manager where I work out, I thought it’s worth giving it to try. It’s actually nicely fitted on my hands.

Also, I could say that it’s made of genuine leather which protects my hands and allows me to move them comfortably. The material on the upper surface is ventilator mesh, which is really good and flexible (but it’s tickling me a little ‘cos of its texture) other than that I haven’t encounter anything bad yet. Oh, the1/2 finger length is just perfect.

You can click this photo on the left hand side to see the other details from Amazon. And when you buy this Harbinger women’s pro gloves, make sure to buy one size larger ‘cos it’s a little bit small size for a lot of women who have bought this.

It’s also available in pink color!

Heavy Duty Stretchback Gloves Women should Buy

Harbinger 154Known for making high quality equipment, these power gloves are really comfortable and one of the best sellers on the market. If you are into heavy exercise or some call it, ‘weight lifting routines for women’, you’d probably want to wear a pair of these. They let you extend your hand limitations without compromising.

Harbinger 154 Power Women’s StretchBack Gloves (Black, Medium)

I’ve heard from several women that it’s really flexible, which allows you a better ventilation, comfort, and nice fitting for your hands than the common gloves.

If you had problem on your thumb because of weight lifting, this one protects you from it, ‘cos it has wrap-around thumb cushions and second layer of leather on thumb and palm.

It’s highly recommended, really worth to try, and a good investment.

Most Comfortable Flexfit Cross Training Gloves to Use While Working Out

Are you into a serious exercise training and some ‘extreme’ exercise? Well, this is the kind of training gloves that you can have and use for different training purposes. It’s the most comfortable Harbinger gloves you can buy online ‘cos its padding is made of techgel, which made it very unique and comfy. Aside from its comfortable, nice fitting, and flexibility, it’s also best selling in Amazon.

Harbinger FlexFit Weight Lifting Gloves For Women

Harbinger FlexFit Weight Lifting Gloves For WomenAs I’ve said earlier a lot of women are using these flexifit gloves, it’s really easy to take on-and-off, which is essential for women. And it’s not too bulky at all, the color is not too flashy, and you can throw it to washer and dry it easily, without worrying on how to clean them.

Among all harbinger gloves, this is the one that most people like with regards to perfect fitting with their hands, which is so important.

And lastly, a lot of people gave it high-ratings for its durability, design, fitting, color, and price. It’s really worth the money.

Purple Harbinger 322 Bag Glove Women Wristwrap

If you decided to move on to the next level, and join a kickboxing program, or martial arts, and bag work, don’t forget to buy one of this. Since it’s made for the women, it’s ultra-light material and not too bulky at all.

Also, it protects your fingers from anything bad you could have from kickboxing. And the best thing about it is the wrist-wrap, that helps your hands stabilized.

Harbinger Bag Glove Women’s WristWrap (Black/Indigo, Small)

A lot of women are buying it from Amazon, and so far majority of them are really loving it. Every woman wants a comfortable gloves, easy to get on and off, and enough padding support.

A lot of those women who bought it said, it’s very durable that can last for quite a while, which I think is very important and worth the money.

You can also suggest or recommend this to some of your friends or kickboxing mates, and they will surely be happy about your recommendation.

If you want to see the reviews of different women who bought it, you’re free to click it here.

Jay Jasinski