Youth Football Quarterback: How To Play The Position 2016

Youth football quarterback

The quarterback is the absolute top dog in your team. He sets the tone for the whole offense. He also has to try and second guess the opposition’s offense to try and understand what they are trying to do to disrupt the offensive line, then make a quick decision about what to do with the ball.

A quarterback must have a deep and studious understanding of the game. They must do a lot of homework to understand the plays, but they also must be able to make decisions on the fly when the heat is on.

The relationship between coach and quarterback is absolutely fundamental to the success of a team, and in turn, the quarterback’s relationship with the rest of the team is fundamental too. They must have the leadership skills and the ability to connect with all of the different personalities across the team, so the quarterback needs to be an all-round smart and likeable guy who knows more than just football.

About half of most teams’ plays will be passing plays, so a quarterback needs to possess a strong arm to execute accurate passes. The ball has to be thrown down the field in such a way so the receiver doesn’t have to change their course to receive it. An overthrown ball will end up out of reach of the receiver while an under-thrown ball might well be intercepted, because the defense is given time to reach it.




Before throwing the quarterback must have enough speed to avoid the charging defenders. The more adept a quarterback is at stepping aside from tackles, the more time he has to pick the perfect pass. And beyond picking the pass, a quarterback needs to dodge as many tackles as he can in order to stay healthy. There is only so much punishment they can take before being injured.

The quarterback has to be a master in the art of deception too. If a defenseman can tell from a quarterback’s body language where he is going to throw it before he does then that could be the difference between a good play and a bad play. A quarterback should know from memory where most of his receivers are – he shouldn’t have to rely on using his eyes to watch every part of the field and thus risk giving the game away.

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