College football stars of 2016 #2: SoSo Jamabo

soso jamabo

SoSo Jamabo To Make Big Step Up In 2016

SoSo Jamabo has already attracted a lot of attention across college football, and is sure to grow even more this term. The former Piano West man teamed up with Josh Rosen to give UCLA the best signee combo of running back / quarterback last season, with Jamabo averaging 6.1 yards per carry as a freshman.

Jamabo is a fine all-rounder too. He possesses really good hands and has a real slippery style that makes it difficult for defenses to lay a hand on him. He rushed for a total of 461 yards last season, scoring four touchdowns along the way.

With Paul Perkins departing to the New York Giants, this is the time for Jamabo to really step up and make the grade, and he seems to have everything in the locker to suggest that he will be up to it when the time comes.

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