Mirror Drills for Improving Visualization and Pitching Mechanics

Mechanics are very crucial in baseball. The mechanics involved in playing baseball can be simply compared to the choreography of a dancer. Baseball players have to refine their mechanics on a regular basis for optimal performance.

This applies in every aspect of baseball such as hitting mechanics, pitching mechanics, mental mechanics, and fielding mechanics. Since it is hardly possible to get at the peak of almost perfect mechanics, what you can do is continuing to immerse yourself in trying to get better every day.

Mirror Drills for Improving Visualization and Pitching Mechanics
Mirror Drills for Improving Visualization and Pitching Mechanics


Mirror Drills – What are they?   

Mirror drills used by pitchers are a type of drills used to improve pitching mechanics and the ability to assess game situations mentally. For the purposes of this exercise, you could just get a decent custom mirror from suppliers like Majestic Glass. Pitchers can be taught how they can do practices on mirror drills so as to have a visual perception of how they would be like when they find themselves in a situation full of pressure.

Most pitchers have ever been in such situations for uncountable times. Pitchers can also be taught how to visualize themselves in scenarios of full count, bottom of ninth, two outs, bases loaded, game seven and world series while facing a hitter.

This practice gets players into a playing zone mentally even though they are not there physically. Players, who hope to become stars in future, be it in school or MLB can use such visualization techniques.


Mirror Drills for Younger Guys

There are many young players, even those as old as 12, who have difficulties in understanding how to do pitching routines. Many younger players may not even know how to take signs from catchers or coming set in a uniform manner.

Their coaches may not be pointing out such issues. A good coach should spend 10 to 20 minutes going over how players take signs, come set and how to get in set positions. Such a drill is especially important to coach the younger players.

In the drill, the kids should start with positioning themselves while facing a mirror and do it like they are pitching into a mirror. First, the kids should be in a stretch position as if they are taking a sign. Secondly, they’re coming to set, an action of taking a sign and moving to a set position.

Finally, they’re in a set position such that they know how their hands, shoulders and feet placement are aligned. Most young players do not know how to maintain “come set” at different pitches. They tend to show inconsistency and this is mostly due to lack of confidence.


Using a Mirror to Practice Wind-up

Once you are in a set position, you will need going through the wind-up and lifting up your knee with balance.

A good coach should teach their pitchers how to wind-up with consistency as they lift their knee up to hip height or more, followed by setting down their foot. Once you master this, you can drive towards a mirror and land with a controlled and balanced position.

It is very crucial for pitchers to know where they land their foot and where the body is when landing. The importance of realizing this is to improve their timing.

Once your coach teaches you this, the next coaching session will tell whether you have improved or not. You can get used to it by doing mirror drills for some few times and staying focused.

Once you familiarize yourself with mirror drills, you can master your mechanics with simple repetition. Once done, you can visualize how to look back at hitters as they walk back to a dugout after striking them out.


5 Inspirational Quotes From Legendary Coaches

Inspire Your Team With These 5 Quotes From Legendary Coaches

You’ve seen it a hundred times. It’s halftime, and the home team is losing by double the score. Athletes hang their heads in the locker room; morale is low. Suddenly, a determined coach barges into the room and surveys his team. We all know what comes next: a speech to end all speeches. Whether it be on the field, in a post-game press conference, or in the locker room, the words of a wise coach can inspire athletes for generations to come.

Here at The Uniform Store, we understand how challenging and rewarding it is to be a coach. Since you’re always looking for ways to keep your team motivated, we thought we would share five of our favorite quotes from a few legendary coaches. After you get your team looking and feeling great in our custom sports uniforms, galvanize them to win the game with a few of these inspiring words.

1. “Every boo on the road is a cheer” – Scotty Bowman


2. “I’ve learned that something constructive comes from every defeat.” – Tom Landry


3. “I think part of being a good coach is knowing how to extract the best from different people.” – Hope Powell

Photo via PFA

4. “Good things happen to those who hustle.” – Chuck Noll


5. “Concentrate on what will produce results rather than on the results, the process rather than the prize.”


2015 Fantasy Football: Top QB Sleepers to Target

black orange football uniform

The 2015 fantasy football season is on it’s way, as the third week of NFL preseason action is about to get started and it’s all downhill from there. The first NFL game of the season is literally two weeks away from today, so if your fantasy league has yet to draft, now is the time to get in your last minute preparations.

If you haven’t been living under a rock over the past few years, you’ve noticed that quarterback is one of the deepest positions in the fantasy realm. It can also be the highest scoring by a wide margin, but the position importance is nothing compared to running back or wide receiver, which tend to allow 2-3 or even more spots in your weekly starting lineup.

That means taking quarterbacks later in fantasy drafts isn’t just the in thing, but also the smart thing. That being said, for every Andy Dalton of 2013, there’s your Andy Dalton for 2014. Hitting on those sleeper quarterbacks late is all relative, as you need to factor in history, talent, supporting cast, schedule and of course, their ADP (Average Draft Position). Luckily we’re here to do that for you. Without further haste, here are our favorite quarterback sleepers for the 2015 fantasy football season:

Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers) – Round 10

Newton was working with a bum ankle and a rookie wide receiver in 2014, yet he still was fantasy football’s 17th best quarterback. He did lose that aforementioned receiver, but he’s fully healthy and still has Greg Olsen. I don’t love him as a top-10 possibility anymore, but he DOES have that upside and could easily get back into the top-15. Besides, the value he possesses in round 10 is just insane.

Teddy Bridgewater (Minnesota Vikings) – Round 11

Bridgewater didn’t look like much coming out of Louisville, but it turns out he’s pretty good. He’s looked terrific in three preseason games and was solid last year as a rookie, too. Despite not playing a full season and it being his first year, he was still fantasy’s 22nd best passer. I think he’s ready for a huge jump, as Adrian Peterson, Charles Johnson, Mike Wallace and Kyle Rudolph give him a dirty supporting cast. In a good way, of course.

Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers) – Round 12

Kap was obviously a huge disappointment in 2014, as instead of being a top-5 or top-10 option, he was merely serviceable as fantasy football’s 16th best passer. His weekly value was even worse, though, as he struggled from within the pocket and had some disastrous duds in the brutal NFC West. His schedule remains tough, but I think he has new life with a coaching and potential philosophy change, plus the addition of the speedy Torrey Smith can only help. He needs to get back to his elite ground game, too, and after scoring just once with his legs in 2014, I like him to be much more dangerous in 2015. That could mean for a push back into the top-15. For round 12, that makes him a crazy value buy.

Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears) – Round 13

Cutler might be the best pure value to this point, as when healthy he looked like a top-5 option in 2013 and last year finished as fantasy’s 14th best passer despite a crazy amount of turnovers. The talent and weapons are there for Cutler to crush it, while reports out of camp have been pretty positive all summer long. If he can cut down from his 18 picks, he could be a terrific value and competent weekly QB1.

Andy Dalton (Cincinnati Bengals) – Round 14

Speak of the devil, Dalton enters 2015 as one of the top quarterback sleepers to target. He was top-5 in 2013 and last year was just 19th overall, but we can safely expect The Red Rifle to land somewhere in the middle. The reality is, Cincy scaled things back offensively in 2014 due to injuries to A.J. Green, Marvin Jones and Tyler Eifert. With all of those talented receivers healthy, Dalton could be in for a big year.

Think another quarterback makes for a better sleeper pick? Tell us about them in the comments below!

The End of March Madness and Opening Day in the MLB

NBA slam dunk

NCAA Basketball

While the NCAA Men’s basketball season has officially come to a close with Duke’s Blue Devils taking the National Championship by outlasting the Wisconsin Badgers in a great game, Mike Krzyzewski comes out with his fifth National Championship, second only to the legendary John Wooden, who had ten with the UCLA Bruins.   The Wisconsin Badgers held the lead through the second half but couldn’t put Duke away.  Star Frank Kaminsky put up his usual great numbers as he battled and outplayed Duke’s heralded freshmen center.   Sam Dekker seemed to lose his touch after getting hit in the face in the later part of the second half going in for a rebound.  However, Duke pulled it out with freshman Grayson Allen coming through in the clutch for the Blue Devils along with Point Guard Tyus Jones.

Tonight, we head on to the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship where we see a familiar look with Connecticut and Notre Dame playing for the title in the second consecutive year.   All eyes will be on the Huskies, as a victory could tie Geno Auriemma with John Wooden with 10 overall NCAA titles.   UConn’s powerhouse lineup includes Kaleena Mosquda-Lewis, who leads the nation in three point shooting, Breanna Stewart, National Player of the Year last season and first team All- American this year, and guards Moriah Jefferson and Kia Nurse.

However, everyone loves an underdog and Notre Dame has the talent to potentially upend the Huskies, having won seven of the past eleven games in the series.    Notre Dame’s Brianna Turner, a lead rebounder and top scorer will make her presence known on the floor as well as Jewell Lloyd, who is one of the best players in the country and Notre Dame’s lead scorer.  Coach Muffet McGraw, who is seeking her 700th victory at Notre Dame, states that UConn’s intimidation is not a factor with them as much as other teams.   Notre Dame may not possess the overall talent as UConn, but Coach McGraw sells one notion- UConn can be beaten and Notre Dame as done it before. 

MLB Opening Day

The 2015 Major League baseball season officially opened in full force yesterday.  Considering this is only the first game of 162, we love to make sweeping conclusions from that from that one single game you can either start printing World Series tickets or having a fire sale.   However, the most tweeted items about yesterday’s games weren’t the players nor some the great plays of the day, but of the stadium food.  From Darby’s Bacon Tots at Target Field (Twins), Chicken Fried Bacon at Globe Life Park (Rangers), deep fried Oreos at Busch Stadium (Cardinals), the incredible Pizza Burger at US Cellular Field (White Sox), or the Tommy Lasorda Meatball Marinara Cones at Right Field Pavilion (Dodgers),  we don’t know what is more exciting – the 2.5 hour game or the food.    Bon Apetit!