The Best High School Baseball Bats (TOP 5)

Best High School Baseball Bats (5 Reviews)

Are you looking for the Best High School Baseball Bats  for the coming season? Do you know the specific bat that you want to buy? It is important to do a thorough search and understand the bat that is suitable for the game. Have you set aside a clear budget to help you purchase a quality and long lasting high school baseball bat? Is the bat legal?

There are several types of bats in the market and some of them are not certified. Look for the certification mark on the handle or near the top. A bat without a certification means that it is not legal. You cannot therefore use it in a competition.

Look for a bat with a good weight to length ratio. There are a number of choices available for high school players. Here are a few things you need to consider before committing to buy the best high school baseball bat.

Things to consider before buying a high school baseball bat

You are now moving from little league to high school baseball. Are you wondering how to choose the best bats for the game? Below is a short summary of things to consider when buying a high school baseball bat.

Is the baseball bat legal

You will have to get a way to know if the bat is legal and meets the standards. All baseball bats go through a standard test. This ensures that players use bats of the same weight to balance both defense and attack. The Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) is the test that determines the trampoline effect of a bat.

This test ensures that the bat has the correct knob, material, length, and barrel size. You cannot use the most powerful bat in high school baseball. Find out from the coach which bat is legal for your league. Legal baseball bats come with a stamp on the handle or at the top.

Baseball bat size

You need to know the size or weight of the bat you use before purchasing one. A baseball bat material is wood, light metal or any other. The recommended size of a wooden bat is no more than 2 inches wide and not longer than 42 inches.

In high school bat, there is no set requirement for weight. Bats from other materials have different size requirements. The width should be less than 2 inches and not longer than 36 inches. There is no weight regulation in these bats. The ratio of length to weight is set at not more than 3 ounces for the high school bat.

Baseball bat material

If you are wondering which material is ideal for a baseball bat, you have the answer here. Most players prefer metal bats. These bats are long lasting, swing with great power and are light. You may consider to train with wood bat and switch to metal bat during the competition. The material in most high school bats is either composite or aluminum.

Wooden bats break easily while aluminum is strong and long lasting. Aluminum bats are light and fast when hitting the ball. Composite bats are a mold of Kevlar, glass and carbon fiber. They are much lighter than aluminum and perform even better. They hit fast and take the ball farther ahead.

1. Easton 2014 S500 BB14S500 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3)

Best High School Baseball Bats

Editor Rating: 4.9

The Easton 2014 S500 BB14S500 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) is the right bat if you are searching for a bat with faster swing speed. It has immense power and speed using the 7050 aircraft alloy. It is among the BBCOR bats that are popular for exceptional speed.

The tapered handle is quite thin and the bat is light. The handle material does not warp and lasts many tough games. It has a pro tack grip for easy holding when making swings.

It produces fast and strong hits pushing the ball far ahead. It is impossible for the bat to slip out of players hands even while swinging fast and hard.

This bat is legal and meets all the standard requirements. The weight to length ratio is -3. It is ideal for youth no matter their weight or height. The barrel diameter of 2 meets the recommendation of high school baseball bats.

It allows a player to maintain balance while playing at any level of the game. The bat has good flex and any player is sure to hit the ball accurately. The Aluminum material in the bat is strong and does not break easily. The bat is long lasting and a good saving.

2. DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFC BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

Editor Rating: 4.7

Try the DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFC BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat (-3) if you want to play with a new look high performance baseball bat. You will surely love the results. It has the revolutionary 2-piece D-fusion handle that gives the bat a good feel.

The handle material is carbon reinforced paradox composite and is stiffer which makes it an excellent choice as a composite bat. It allows for massive energy transfer between the barrel and the ball. This enhances the performance of the barrel and overall swing speeds. The handle is comfortable to hold and there is minimal vibration. The grip is strong and firm and has a good feel to the hand.

This bat contains most of its energy in the barrel. The patented thermo fused taper allows the sweet spot to push the ball further away. The hands do not feel any negative vibration effect. The construction of this baseball bat is a half by half placing it ahead of others. It has weight advantage and it is well tuned.

The bat length to weight ratio balances well and the design allows the bat to hit softly but fast. The bat material has great strength and is hard to bend or break. The bat endures many tough games.

3 . DeMarini 2015 CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3)

Editor Rating: 4.7

The DeMarini 2015 CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) is a strong bat and a light swing weight. The barrel construction of this bat is paradox plus composite. This material has great strength and cannot bend or break.

It gives the ideal lightweight swing that most players prefer. The D-fusion flame tempered handle uses the same material. This minimizes vibration transferring the energy into the barrel. This produces strong hits and pushes the ball quite far.

The flame-tempered treatment on the handle fuses it to the barrel giving a stiff feel. It is comfortable to hold and the hand does not feel any vibration after hitting the ball.

The bat has a low pro end cap that is a dual density flap cap. This cap reduces vibration of the bat. It turns the vibration energy into the barrel and increases the hitting power.

Upon getting into contact with the ball, the barrel applies this energy to the ball and moves it further ahead with great speed. A player does not use much of the body strength while swinging. This baseball bat has an RCK knob that fits well into the hands. The rotation index extends the bat’s life.

4 . Louisville Slugger BBCOR Omaha Baseball Bat

Editor Rating: 4.9

If you need to find yourself a baseball bat with a long sweet spot, you have it in Louisville Slugger BBCOR Omaha Baseball Bat. This bat is legal and meets the 2011 NCAA and 2012 NFHS set standards.

The barrel measurements are within the standards of high school baseball bats. It measures 2 inches. The weight to length ratio is also within the standard of -3 oz. The material is the ST+20 Alloy that is strong and durable.

It has a patented end cap to reduce vibration effects to the hand. The vibration energy goes back into the barrel and gives hits that are more powerful. The grip is firm and comfortable. The handle is quite stiff and this enhances the performance of the barrel.

The handle length is 31”/32” and balances well with the barrel. The handle grip is synthetic and allows a player to swing and maintain good balance. The bat cannot slip or fly out of the hands while playing.

The handle is stiff and this allows the barrel to flex well at every swing and hit. This results to good performance at every swing. The sweet spot of this bat is wide and players always hit the ball. This bat is long lasting.

5. Easton 2014 S400 BB14S400 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3)

Editor Rating: 5

If you are among those who want a cheap but high performing bat, then the Easton 2014 S400 BB14S400 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) will not disappoint. The material in the bat is the strong aluminum alloy.

The bat is available in different sizes ranging from 29 inches to 36 inches. Beginner players will be able to use this bat long after outgrowing their present swings. The barrel diameter is within the standard set and measures a safe 2 inches and 31”/32’ for the handle length.

It meets the -3 drop down ratio for high school baseball bats. The bat is legal for use in high school games competitions. It bears on it the BB COR stamp.

The handle is thin and comfortable to hold. The grip is pro tack and firm. It has soft material to protect the hands and players can use in long games. It allows players to swing fast without fear of the bat slipping off from hands.

The bat has a one-piece design and flexes well. This gives the barrel more power to hit and push the ball with great speed. The bat is solid and does not bend or break. It is long lasting and the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty.

Final Verdict

The best high school baseball bat can be cheap and still perform well. Most bats have great features but are not legal. There are set standards for bats in every league. The bats undergo tests and measures before passing as legal. Before committing to buy a new baseball, always consult with your coach for guidance when purchasing a youth baseball bat.

Better still make use of the above summary. Understand the requirements of the best high school baseball bat. You will realize that most baseball bats in the market are only suitable for practice. For the real competition, select and order one of the above best high school baseball bat.

Jay Jasinski