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Are you a hitter eying or looking forward to upgrading your swing for the 2020 baseball season by buying the best BBCOR baseball bats you can find? Are you a baseball fanatic prowling on a good baseball bat to start on practical gaming?Are you operating on a fixed budget for which you want a quality and durable baseball bat but don’t seem to settle on the best in the market? Well, The Best BBCOR Baseball Bats Reviews got you covered.

It’s utterly wise to undertake on a market research to gather as much information as you can get to get an insight on the available baseball bats, their quality and pocket friendliness before engaging your hard earned cash on illicit, substandard products.

Baseball bats vary in quality and price, depending on the quality of material used in designing them, albeit other dynamics and factors involved.  Currently, there are over 60 different models of BBCOR bats available in the market, making it rather confusing for average person to make an informed choice.

The Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, otherwise known as the BBCOR standard is the latest mandate required for NCAA baseball players. So, what do you need to understand before buying these bats?


Things To Consider Before Buying Bbcor Baseball Bats

There are a couple of factors that need adequate consideration before buying a BBCOR standard baseball bat. Its imperative to note that no two swings are ever identical and hence its not an easy decision to make. However, if you consider the following, you are bound to make an informed decision.

  • What material is used to construct the bat?

The buildup material for all baseball bats goes a long way in determining the longevity and durability of the said bat. There are bats that tend to crack easily whereas there are others that have made a name for being tough.

Most youth players often prefer metal bats because they don’t break easily, are lighter and easier to swing. Metal bats also provide more power at play. Ash is considerably popular with players who use wooden bats.

It’s also important to consider the barrel, which is the hitting area. A large barrel makes it easier to make contact with the ball. Many players prefer the trampoline effect that two-piece baseball bats have to offer over the one-piece bats.

  • What price advantage does the said bat offer?

When you conduct a comparative analysis of the Marucci 2014 BBCOR and the Easton 2015 BB15MKT Mako Torq BBCOR, which of the two do you think is the best option.

The Marucci brand costs an estimate $60, while the Easton Mako Torq costs about $169. why such a big margin? What is so special about the Easton brand that its got to have a higher price tag?

Making purchases based on a value perspective is a critical way of ensuring you consider other multiple factors and dimensions before purchasing. Consequently, questioning a particular product is bound to motivate you into making a more informed decision when buying.

  • The special benefits will the bat offer

The benefits enjoyed from a play bat are enjoyed by the individual player by way of comfort, increased durability and even improved weight distribution.

As stated earlier, metal bats are designed to give players more power. Heavy bats also provide mass, sending the ball further. So what’s that specific benefit that you are looking for? The answer to this question is sure to help you make a good choice during purchase.



1. DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord Ft Baseball Bat

Editor Rating: 4.6

If you have been searching for a baseball bat unmatched in terms of value and performance; Well, look no further. The DeMarini 2015 Vodoo Overlord FT 3 BBCOR is an adult baseball bat for players who fancy the extra power overly sought during play.

This bat is the ultimate clean-up hitter in the entire DeMarini franchise. To start with, the DeMarini Vodoo Overlord FT handle is specially designed through flame tampering to enable a stiffer feel and to eliminate vibrations all together by redirecting energy back into the barrel.

The knob of the bat is anatomically designed to fit perfectly in the hands of the player. The Overlord handle is also flame tampered to give the player a stiffer feel and to eliminate vibrations. Simply put, the handle and barrel to this amazing bat are performance matched to create optimal weight distribution to enhance better play.

If that’s not all, the barrel to the baseball bat is alloy packed with slight end loads for overall added power and to create maximum pop. Although this wonderful bat is sure to set you a few dollars back, you are sure to get value for your cash while enjoying the efficiency of playing ball with an enhanced baseball bat.

2. Easton 2015 BB15MKT MAKO TORQ

Editor Rating: 4.7

If you are looking for a BBCOR certified baseball bat with unmatched bat speed and excessively massive sweet spot, you got it here. The Easton BB15MKT MAKO TORQ boosts of a patented two-piece conation technology that helps in maximizing energy transfer for optimized feel during play.

Remember the trampoline effect we talked about earlier? well, the Easton BB15MKT is sure to enhance your child’s hitting confidence which may further be carried over to their pitching. Now which parent wouldn’t like that.

The TORQ 360 degree rotating handle technology coupled with its two-piece, fully composite bat construction can be credited to the achievement of these feats. The bat simply combines power with some new twist to increase the player’s edge to stay on top of their game.

In an effort to provide players with some world-class feel, the manufacturers of the MAKO baseball bat have included a gauze grip to eliminate vibrations and to offer a host of other advantages every player wishes for.

If you are the kind of player who treasures the ‘special’ feeling while playing ball, this MAKO TORQ baseball bat is definitely the product for you. Not only is it easy to use, it combines power and optimized performance to accommodate all types of players.

3. Easton 2015 BB15MK MAKO COMP BBCOR Baseball Bat


Editor Rating: 4.6

As an elite player seeking for the perfect edge to take you to the top of your league, we have you catered for here; With the new Easton MAKO BBCOR baseball bat, you can never go wrong. Its all about power plays.

With its big barrel and fast swings, the MAKO brand is unarguably one of the best baseball bats in the market today, producing more power than you have ever experienced before. Having created a niche for itself for use by top-notch players, the secret behind MAKO’S success lies in the TCT thermal composite technology.

which is engineered to provide baseball players with bat speed and an incredibly massive sweet spot, coupled with a crisp and smooth feel. Enhancing performance is one of the added advantages you are sure to enjoy through purchase of this amazing baseball bat.

If that is not all, the bat manufacturers have included their connexion technology to improve on the player’s grip and to give a world-class feel. Every hit sails as smooth as butter, thanks to the reduced energy waste. The bat is totally worth its price, and would go a long way in enabling you to enjoy your time at the field.

4. Marucci 2014 One Black BBCOR Baseball Bats

Editor Rating: 4.8

If you need a baseball bat that will improve your capacity to make those power hits with great balance; then this pocket friendly baseball bat is sure to serve you just fine. By design, the Marucci BBCOR baseball bat is a balanced model built for great agility and performance.

The 2014 Marucci boosts of an extended barrel and amazingly sweet spot. With its even balance point, players are given total control over their game in that they can hit the sweet spot on any given pitch. The best words to describe this is that this baseball bat takes your game even further that you’ve ever reached before.

The barrel to the bat is made from aerospace alloy to provide maximum responsiveness and durability without the use of rings or governors inside. The handle is made from carbon composite and fortified with patented aramid-reinforced grip which silences the sting from off-center hits.

The transfer of energy from barrel to ball is ensured through the black BBCOR two-piece construction. What’s more, its bullet pro anti-vibration technology is sure to give players unarguably the smoothest hitting experience. For people who are keen to consider value over performance, this is the ultimate baseball bat to consider.

5. Louisville Slugger BBO5153 BBCOR Omaha Baseball Bat


Editor Rating: 4.6

The Louisville Slugger BBO5153 BBCOR Omaha 515 Baseball Bat can only be described to be ‘special’, thanks to its great looks and amazing features. Over the years, people have trusted the Louisville Slugger brand with power and championship performance without ever being disappointed.

Carved out of premiere ST+20 alloy and the flex band technology from Slagger, the baseball bat delivers the right amount of power, sweet spot, superior balance, light swing weight and barrel flex.

without so much a struggle, making it the ideal choice for people looking for consistency, durability and top of the class performance in the field.In the US alone, most of the college teams use opt to swing the Louisville Slugger bats due to their unparalleled performance in the nations’, top cream in the game.

Clearly power, price and performance shuffle the ideal bet in baseball bats. Why get left out? Make your order today and if you are not more confident in your swings within 30 days, well most outlets are willing to take it back.

Final Verdict

Baseball play has never been made this easy. Whether in high school or NCAA, BBCOR standards have proved to be effective in revolutionizing baseball play everywhere.

With an assorted collection of BBCOR standard bats specially enhanced to improve performance in the field, buyers are sure to be spoiled in their choices. Nice and even weight distribution, graphic enhanced killer looks, muted sound on solid hits, and great grip with flawless vibration cancellation, all and more in just one bat.

The future of baseball play as a super sport is surely changing at a rapid rate. Make your order today, and join the revolution of modernized baseball play.

What the heck is BBCOR?

This is a hot-button question in the game of amateur baseball today. Even though BBCOR has been around since 2010, there hasn’t been much information provided to the public about what it stands for and the reasoning behind it. Most believe that it is just another marketing scam by major bat companies to get more money out of the pocket of everyday Americans.

The truth about BBCOR is that it stands for Batted-Ball Coefficient of Restitution. One, that is a mouth full and two, what does that mean? Below is a passage taken out of the NCAA protocol on bat certification, put into effect in January of 2011.



Bat performance is specified by using the BBCOR (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution), which is calculated using the inbound and rebound speeds of the ball:

All the scientific babble aside, basically the NCAA wanted metal bats to be safer and to act more like wooden bats. BBCOR measures how much energy is lost when the ball makes contact with the bat. The higher the number, the greater the “trampoline” effect will be. Prior to 2011, metal bats were measured by BESR. The “trampoline” effect being produced by BESR bats was allowing 5’7” 160lbs second basemen, to hit the ball out of the park. Scoring and injuries were at all time high. The NCAA decided they needed to do something about it, so they came up with BBCOR. For a bat to be BBCOR certified, the bat must meet the .50 ratio for “trampoline” effect, which is only slightly higher than that of a wooden bat.

Types of BBCOR Bats

BBCOR bats come in all different makes, models, and sizes. To cipher through all of the information it comes down to three questions:

  1. Composite vs. Alloy
  2. 1-Piece vs. 2-Piece
  3. Price

Composite vs. Aluminum/Alloy

The barrels of BBCOR bats are made out of two different types of metal; composite and aluminum alloy. Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer to whether you should buy a composite or aluminum bat. It all comes down to personal preference. However, we have provided you with a comparison of composite and aluminum bats below. So that you can make a decision based upon which one you think will be a better fit for your abilities and price range.

Composite Benefits:

  1. Lighter
  2. Balanced Feel
  3. Absorb the Sting

Composite bats are made out of woven fibers of carbon kevlar, graphite, fiber glass, or carbon fiber. Composite tends to be lighter and stronger allowing the bat maker to create a bat with a longer barrel(larger sweetspot) and lighter swing speed. However, if you go with a composite bbcor bat, you will need to “break it in”. Lucky for you, we have a complete guide on how to break in a composite bat. This will allow you to get the maximum performance from any composite bat.

Aluminum Alloy Benefits:

  1. Stiff/Responsive
  2. Durable
  3. More Affordable
  4. No Break In Time

Aluminum bats are made out of different alloys or types of metal. These vary depending upon the different bat companies. Aluminum bats tend to be more stiff and responsive. Meaning that when you make contact the bat is going to flex minimally and you will be able to feel whether you made hard contact or “just missed” it. Aluminum bats are also very durable and allow you to get great bang for your buck. It is also important to mention that aluminum bats do not require a break-in period. They can be taken right out of the box onto the playing field, unlike composite bats.

1-Piece vs. 2-Piece Bat

Now that you have determined what type of material you want your barrel to made out of, it is time to decided if you want a 1-piece or 2-piece bat. Each one offers unique performance improvements. Just like deciding between composite and aluminum alloy, there is no right or wrong answer here. Ultimately it is the players preference.

1-Piece Benefits

  1. Stiff/Responsive
  2. More for Power Hitters

1-Piece bat is made out of either composite or aluminum alloy. 1-Piece bats tend to be stiffer and stronger. This means that when the bat makes contact with the ball, little to no energy is lost in the process. It also means that you have to be fairly strong to swing these bats through the zone, they have a little higher swing weight, but also drive the ball further. If you are strong and are a power hitter, I would recommend a 1-piece.

2-Piece Benefits

  1. Lighter Swing Weight
  2. Flexes
  3. Increased Bat Speed and Power

2-Piece bat is composed of a handle and a barrel that are bonded together. They can be made out of different materials. For instance the Easton Mako has a composite handle and a composite barrel, but the Easton S2 has a composite handle and an aluminum barrel. The materials of the barrels differ by bat companies. The 2-Piece design allows for the bat to flex during the swing, which will result in increased speed and power. The 2-Piece is more tailored to contact hitters that want a quicker bat speed and lighter swing weight.


We all know that price is a determining factor when picking out a BBCOR bat. It would be nice to have the money to buy whatever bat you like and if you don’t like it, buy another one. However, this is not a reality for most. That is why the BBCOR Bats HQ staff has created this website to provide all of the information to make an informed decision and to hopefully save money.

If you go to the Ultimate BBCOR Bat Guide you will see a chart that can be organized by brand, make, barrel material, lengths, features, rating, and even the lowest prices listed through Amazon. Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to get the perfect bat for the perfect price.

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