Player Names & Number

Use the form below to enter your team’s player names and numbers.

You can enter the text once and copy by selecting and dragging down with your mouse just like in Excel so you don’t have to enter everything manually.

NOTE ON SIZES: Youth Boy, Youth Girls and Women pants and short sizes please use standard YS,YM,WS,WM etc / Adult Mens shorts please use standard S,M,L etc / Adult Men Pants please use waist sizes

If you prefer, you may also download This Team Roster Excel Template complete and email back to Please make sure you enter your order number below so we can associate your names and numbers with the correct order. If you have any questions at all please contact us

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Note: Uniform Store follows different size standards for player names and numbers on Men’s, Women’s and Youth Jerseys. This is to comply with College and NFHS Rules, but also to ensure that numbers don’t get tucked into the pants on the smaller youth sizes. If you would like all player information to be the same size regardless of garment size, please be sure to convey this to your customer care specialist when placing your order and be sure the mockup you approve also reflects this. If you do want all your players’ names and numbers to be the same size, they will be sized to fit the smallest garment on your order.